Pope Francis Receives 10 Things Pope Francis Wants You to Know about the Family from Author

Photo courtesy of Liguori Publications. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Photo courtesy of Liguori Publications. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Pope Francis took some time Feb. 12 to peruse 10 Things Pope Francis Wants You to Know About the Family by Liguori author Joshua J. McElwee. 
McElwee presented the book to the pope while both flew from Rome to Mexico (photo by Gerard O’Connell). 
The book is the fruit of McElwee’s work as a Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, where he had daily and first-hand access to Pope Francis in his homilies and in his general audiences. As a correspondent, McElwee covered the pope’s October 2015 Synod on the Family, The Vocation and Mission of the Family. Weaving together various talks, McElwee presents a unified, whole message of the pope’s essential teachings and his encouragement about the family.  

Pope Francis has spoken frequently about faith and family life since his 2013 election. In 10 Things Pope Francis Wants You to Know About the Family, part of Liguori’s 10 Things series, McElwee captures the pope’s simple, personal, and sometimes humorous language that emphasizes the importance of strengthening Catholic families, even through the struggles they face.

Using the Holy Family as his model, the pontiff shows how every member of the family—children, parents, and grandparents—can live their faith more fully. The Church, Pope Francis said in a daily homily in March 2015, is “the home of Jesus and Jesus welcomes—but not only welcomes, he goes to find people.”
In the book, McElwee quotes Pope Francis, “This is the great mission of the family: to make a place for Jesus when he comes, to welcome Jesus in the form of children, husband, wife, and grandparents. Jesus is there. Welcome him there, that he might grow spiritually in that family.”
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