-God is not in the business of tweaking. He is in the business of transformation.-

Recently I have been alternately avoiding and pondering this quote: “God is not in the business of tweaking. He is in the business of transformation.” (from Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly)

I want to be transformed. I am tired. I know, through prayer and the affirmation of those who know and love me that this is my time to be transformed. In ways I cannot fully explain the time really is now! It is partly because of my life situation; I am wife and mom who has time on her hands, who works part time, who has the freedom of adult children along with a husband who does laundry and grocery shops. After years of juggling career, school schedules, doctor appointments, sports, taking care of a home, and, and, and, you know all the rest, you do it; I have the opportunity to establish my own rhythm and schedule. And I can’t do it. Just when I can reach out and feel the plan all coming together it is snatched out of my hands, high winds carrying it away. Why?

I want to be transformed. I am tired. Why can’t I be transformed? It’s not because I am tired. It’s because I am afraid and I keep forgetting who will transform me. I think it’s up to me. It’s not. It’s up to him. I need to pray. Cooperate. Be Still. Trust. Obey. Pray. Yes, I said pray twice, it bears repeating; it is the most important factor. When I pray consistently and constantly I remember who is in charge. Hint, it’s not me!

This Lent I pray that we all trust in the transforming power of mercy and the love of our Father. Then, we can be transformed!

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