I See Christ in You

Photo via Pixabay, 2015, CC0 Public Domain.

Photo via Pixabay, 2015, CC0 Public Domain.


When others demand that you act a certain way,
And do certain things the way they prefer,
And you follow your conscience and act in Godly ways,
I see your poverty of spirit.
I see Christ in you.

When you lament about the good old days,
When people were kind, gracious, and caring,
Because today all you see is mean-spiritedness,
I see you mourn.
I see Christ in you.

When you are barraged with criticism,
And never receive appreciation for your talents,
Yet refuse to defend yourself because it would do no good,
I see your strength to be meek.
I see Christ in you.

When you are belittled for trying to do the right thing,
For caring too much about how what you do impacts others,
And you do the right thing anyway,
I see your hunger and thirst for righteousness.
I see Christ in you.

When you pray for those who hurt you mercilessly,
Who care only about themselves,
And don’t care for you at all,
I see that you are merciful.
I see Christ in you.

When you try to do your best,
For the glory of God, giving all credit to him for your talents,
Keeping His will at the forefront of all you do,
I see your humility.
I see Christ in you.

When you try to make peace,
And those in power seek war,
So that they get what they want from this earthly life,
I see a peacemaker in you.
I see Christ in you.

When you are persecuted for your behavior,
Because you shine the light of Christ,
And evil cannot hide from such a light,
I see your persecution and weep.
I see Christ in you.


Copyright 2016 Virginia Lieto

Virginia-Lieto-author-picAbout the author: In addition to being a Catholic blogger, Virginia Lieto is an adjunct professor, teaching two undergraduate courses for Saint Joseph’s College of Maine’s Online Theology Program. She is the author of Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity – Finding Patience; a children’s book that teaches both children and adults, the value of the virtue of patience. She is also a public speaker on the Catholic faith.


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  1. Maribel Nova on

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful, practical summary of our Beatitudes. Just before reading this creative poem, I was reflecting on Luke’s Gospel account of Jesus’ “impossible” admonishment to give up “house or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God.” In return, Jesus promised us “an overabundant return in this present age and in the age to come.” For the first time, I saw a connection between this teaching and the Beatitudes. Sometimes it is those closest to us that issue the harshest criticism, that painfully persecute us for doing things differently, and that attempt to control our actions. For strength, we are called to cling to the humility, poverty of spirit, peacemaking, and meekness described in the Beatitudes, and so eloquently summarized in your poem. Giving up pleasing others, and resisting the urge to futilely defend myself, in an effort to more perfectly please God at times seems impossible to me, especially with loved ones. Praise God that, through his grace, our feeble attempts to follow him will in time produce an “overabundant return.” Thank you for the inspiration to keep trying!

    • So glad that you appreciated this poem Maribel. It was quite a cathartic experience for me to write it. I wanted to see it published so that it could possibly help others. Thank you for your kind words. God bless.

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