Daily Gospel Reflection for March 29, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: John 20, 11-18

Peter and the Apostles would do well to follow Mary of Magdala’s example. On two occasions she had shown her commitment to Jesus, the Messiah. She had stayed at the foot of the cross weeping for Jesus and she had remained at the tomb hoping that Jesus had not been lost. Mary didn’t have words to express her sorrow. She could only weep.

Mary had lost what was most dear to her. Her Lord’s life had not only been taken away from her, but the very remains that would serve to remind everyone of God’s love were gone. She was so overwhelmed she failed to recognize she was in the presence of angels. The only words she spoke were those of loss. However, this Gospel passage shows that Jesus is always present and it often escapes our notice.

I can recall a time in which I couldn’t feel God’s presence. I needed a friend to lift me out of the sin and evil that had taken hold of my life. I couldn’t find the words to release me from this place, and I never did. The only resolve I found was going to my knees and asking St. Joseph to express the words I couldn’t find. I needed Joseph to tell Jesus of my woes. I knelt in silence for the next ten minutes and hoped the message was getting through.

I got up and struggled to find peace but something had changed, the Holy Spirit was at work. I didn’t receive answers, but one thing was clear: God was telling me to go on. He was telling me to continue forward and know that every step that proceeded with prayer, love, and hope was bringing God closer to my heart.


In what ways have you been strengthened by a struggle that Jesus helped you through?


Dear Lord, may we recognize you in our midst.
May we take strength in knowing that you are always with us, and that you call us by name.


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I am a college student from Central Wisconsin. I love my Catholic faith because of its focus on reason and belief. I am also fascinated by science and what it can tell us about the physical world. Faith and science together have revealed a deep beauty inherent in this world that has inspired me.


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