Daily Gospel Reflection for April 2, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Mark 16, 9-15

This was Jesus’ order to his disciples, and it is the same for us today: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mk 16:15)
We, as Christians, are CALLED to follow Jesus’s footsteps, and to be living witness of the Gospel. This is our mission: witness to him who presents himself to us in the Eucharistic table.
Still today there are many people sad and crying, wandering through the world without hope, lost, waiting for the news that Christ has risen, lives among us, and allows himself to be found.
God calls us to the experience of the table, to hear his voice, since faith comes from hearing. God calls us through Jesus, the divine face of man, to give him the key of our heart so he can come and dine with us. And from the breaking of the bread, our hearts can be healed and the flame of our faith lit, so when we leave the Master´s presence we can become greater disciples and missionaries.
Jesus’s missionary order deals with eternity. And if he rebukes his disciples for their disbelief at the moment of the Ascension, the disciples gathered with Him represent the Church, in its vocation and mission in the world. The disciples weren´t perfect, nor did they have exceptional qualities; we too are not perfect.
However, despite their limitations, Jesus could say about his disciples: ” You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.” (Jn 15:3) Jesus still calls imperfect and limited men to his work. What matters is that they are clean and willing to obey, because in this way he perfects, prepares and sends us.
With Saint Therese, the Little Flower, let us say: “I wish I could go and preach your name and put down in the infidel soil your glorious cross.”


Do I try to listen to God in the daily happenings of my life? How do I answer his call?


Jesus, may our hearts burn with the desire to make you known among men, by continually living the Gospel through our actions. Amen.
This reflection was translated from the original, written in Portuguese.
Copyright 2016 Flávia Ghelardi


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