Daily Gospel Reflection for April 8, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: John 6, 1-15

During Halloween 2015, my godson Camden dressed up like his favorite person at school, Mr. Martinez. When asked why he chose Mr. M, he replied simply, “because he helps me open my milk at lunch.”

Our expression of God’s love through action includes a wide variety of examples throughout society. In our Lord’s example within today’s scripture, he first saw that there was something to be dealt with, the feeding of the crowd. Then he asked a rhetorical question to gather the thoughts of his disciples, “where can we buy enough food for them to it?” Andrew then identified the little boy with a few loaves and two fish, Our Lord took the loaves and fish, gave thanks and distributed. You know the rest.

But getting back to my godson and his personal hero. Mr. Martinez recognized that a little boy was having difficulty opening his milk, brought to mind a question of what he could do for the love of Christ. Then acting on it by a simple, loving gesture, created a treasure for Camden to latch onto, inspiring him in building a foundation of Christ’s love so that years from now, he too won’t hesitate to devote his life in the vocation of serving others, or simply, to help a little boy open his milk.


Who will I feed today?


Lord, I ask your inspiration to feed the hungry…be it a crowd of 5,000, or one little boy with a carton of milk.


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