Daily Gospel Reflection for April 9, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: John 6, 16-21

In today’s Gospel from John, the disciples find themselves at the end of a day, expecting Jesus, but finding he has “not yet come to them.” Since he had gone off alone to pray after feeding the five thousand, they decide to set out on their own journey without him. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that, while he may not be physically present with them, Jesus, because he is God, would be aware of their actions. So, when he comes to them where they are, they are surprised and afraid. That he is able to walk on water would be even more surprising and more frightening. Once they hear his voice and accept his words, “It is I. Do not be afraid,” their fears are gone and they find themselves right where they need to be.

Through this miracle we can learn to look with expectation for Jesus in our lives. At times we think Jesus does not seem to be with us and so we decide we will set off without him. However, we can be confident Jesus sees us and comes to us just where we are in our lives. We, like the apostles, can gladly accept his invitation not to be afraid and to have the confidence he will lead us exactly where we need to be at that moment in our lives.


Do I expect to find Jesus involved in my life and allow him to lead me to where I need to be?


Jesus, please help me to see you in my life and not to be afraid to follow where you lead me.


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I am a cradle Catholic, wife, and mother of two. I work at St. Henry Catholic Church in Owasso, Oklahoma.


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