Daily Gospel Reflection for April 17, 2016 - Fourth Sunday of Easter


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Today’s Gospel: John 10, 27-30 – Fourth Sunday of Easter

The image of Christ as the Good Shepherd in John’s Gospel is a powerful and especially comforting one. But in these few lines it is given a deeper significance.

As the sheep of Christ, we follow His voice, and for this we have been given the great gift of eternal life. But Jesus also tells us that the Father has given the sheep to Him and that no one can remove us from the “hands” of God. We rest in His hands—the hands of the Creator, the hands of Him who knew us before we were born, the hands that fashioned us out of dust, the hands that offered His son for us, the hands that wait to welcome us home. We are considered a gift to Jesus. And we are stuck like glue.

The most striking line is the last, however, in which Jesus says simply that He is one with the Father. In the next line, the Jews take up stones to strike him for saying this because it is a truth they are not prepared to comprehend. And even many Christians over the centuries would argue over this same point; it’s so mysterious, it can only satisfied by faith. We take it to mean one in every way—co-eternal, co-creator, and in love with each and every one of us. That love is the glue.

With what joy and confidence we can live when we believe that when Jesus, the Good Shepherd holds us gently in his hands, the Father is holding us as well. I know that there is no place I would rather be. Yet, I am thankful for the glue because too often I think of myself only, and stray, and He has to come after me, again.


Am I resting in the hands of God or do I struggle against the hold His love has on me? Do my actions show that I am a sheep of the heavenly sheepfold?


Increase my faith in you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that I may better serve you and those you have placed in my life. Give me the grace to accept my place in your kingdom.


Copyright 2016 Margot Davidson

Margot Davidson is a Catholic wife and mother of five children living in rural Pennsylvania. She is the author of several books for home educators and the owner/editor of Hillside Education, a publishing house serving the home education community. She is currently the Directress of a Catholic Montessori school.


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