Daily Gospel Reflection for April 19, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: John 10, 22-30

We are asked to show IDs in banks, airports, and voting places to prove who we are. Our identities are unique and precious. Stealing someone’s identity is a serious crime. In the Gospel today Jews ask Jesus to reveal his identity. They want to know if he is the Messiah. Jesus states that his works prove it. In addition, because he claims that he and the Father are one, Jesus discloses that he is God! This admission of his divinity will be the catalyst that leads to his death.

Jesus also speaks of our identity, referring to us as his sheep who believe in him. We, the followers of Jesus, hear his voice and are intimately known by him. We are called Christians, meaning “like Christ” and are proud to admit it. Like Jesus, we are known by our works. People will recognize that we are Christian if they see us acting as Jesus acted and living as he taught. We prove that we are Christian by being loving, compassionate, humble, gentle, selfless, and generous. We bear crosses with courage and patience. We also show that we are Christian by wholeheartedly carrying out the vocation God has called us to—just as Jesus carried out his mission. If we are faithful “sheep,” then Jesus assures us that someday we will be safe with him in heaven. For the greatest work of the Messiah was to win eternal life for us.


What have I done this past week that shows that I am a Christian? What will I do tomorrow?


Jesus, grant me the grace to always be true to my name of Christian. May people looking at me see you!


Copyright 2016 Sr. Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND

Mary Kathleen Glavich, a Sister of Notre Dame from Cleveland, Ohio, is an award-winning author, an international speaker, and a pastoral associate at St. Dominic Parish. She has written over seventy books, including The Catholic Companion to Mary, The Catholic Way to Pray, and a novel, The Fisherman’s Wife, the Gospel According to St. Peter’s Spouse. She blogs at www.kathleenglavich.org.


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  1. Sister, thank you so much for your beautiful reflection on today’s gospel. Your words “We prove that we are Christian by being loving, compassionate, humble, gentle, selfless, and generous” and your reflection question particularly challenge me today. In an age when “showing our ID” can be cause for fear and judgment, you remind me that it’s often through my actions and attitude that I can best witness to Christ and God’s love for me. Thank you for leading me in a fruitful prayer time this morning and for sharing your gifts with our readers!

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