Daily Gospel Reflection for April 20, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: John 12, 44-50

Jesus begins to explain to His disciples His position in the Trinity, a new concept for them. To know Jesus is to know God, who sent Him. He tells them explicitly that He speaks for God, His words are of and from God. If someone hears and does not heed, it is not He, but God one must answer to. He hasn’t come to judge and condemn but to save the world. He speaks for His Father; believing in Jesus is believing in God.

The Trinity is a new idea for the disciples, and is still a difficult one for Christians to fully comprehend as there is nothing to compare it to. This Scripture was the beginning; they’ve yet to learn of the Third position. But for those who say “Jesus is just a prophet,” the answer is in this Scripture. What Jesus speaks is what God wants us to hear. Rejection of the words of Jesus the Son is a rejection of God the Father.


Do we listen with open ears and mind and concentration to the words God wants us to hear?


Open my ears to hear your words; open my heart to love your words; open my mouth to share your words. Open my eyes to see your love around me.


Copyright 2016 Deanna K Klingel

Deanna K. Klingel lives in the mountains of western North Carolina and worships with her husband in the small mountain parish of St. Jude in the Charlotte Diocese. They’ve raised seven children and others and now enjoy retirement and grandchildren. Deanna travels with her books.


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