Daily Gospel Reflection for April 21, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: John 13, 16-20

When I first read this gospel I said to myself “Um, what is even going on here?” It felt like a modpodge of random themes and sayings. But I read it a few times, and realized that this gospel is for all of us who call ourselves disciples.

Jesus is saying to me “Daughter, you aren’t greater than me. Put down your pride and recognize that you can’t even come close to doing what I’ve done. You eat at my table every Sunday and then every day you betray me. I tell you this because it’s true, you know it’s true and you will believe me every time you fall. But you can do this. You can be my witness, and when people listen to you, they’ll really be listening to me speaking through you.”

Oh how true this is, for every disciple of Jesus! We hear him speaking, but are we really listening? He says we are blessed if we hear and understand, but we can only understand him when we put ourselves in his presence and listen to what he’s telling us. Today he’s telling me to put my pride down and just let him work through me; to listen to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and follow where they lead me.


In what way is your pride holding you back from really serving Jesus today?


Jesus, give me the heart to hear you and understand you today. Give me a humble heart, so that I can be a witness to your love every day.


Copyright 2016 Rachel LaPointe

Rachel is a homeschooling mom of 3, and a regional missionary with St. Paul Street Evangelization. She loves theatre, reading, and sharing the faith with everyone she meets. You can follow her online at her family evangelization site “Sea of Souls“.


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