Daily Gospel Reflection for April 29, 2016 - St. Catherine of Siena


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Today’s Gospel: John 15, 12-17 – St. Catherine of Siena

What do we know about John, the author of today’s gospel? We know that John was part of the inner circle of Jesus. He was present at the transfiguration on Mount Tabor along with Peter and James. And like any dear friend, he was present in Jesus’ hour of need. He was with Jesus at the foot of the cross at Golgotha. John witnessed the soldiers beating and whipping Jesus. The anger and sadness he must have felt! Yet in today’s gospel, he emphatically tells us Jesus commanded us ” love one another”. I wonder, was that possible for John to love those that harmed his friend and savior?

We know that by the time that John recorded his gospel approximately 70 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus it was. But how many years did it take John to believe the words Jesus commanded? Only a few or the rest of his life? Of course, we will never know but forgiveness and love take time.

I believe that the process is expedited by prayer. Our heavenly father is waiting for us to call on him in times of anger and hurt by others. He will guide us as he guided John to love in spite of wrongdoings that we have witnessed or received in our lifetime. When we give the gift of forgiveness to those that have failed us it is only then that we have followed what Jesus commanded, ” Love one another”.


Do I pray for those who have wronged me? Do I beg Christ to grant me the gift of forgiveness?


Heavenly Father, I hold on to grudges longer than I should. Please grant me the faithfulness demonstrated by John. Only you can replace hurt with forgiveness. Please take my brokenness and replace it with love.


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My name is Amy Morris, and I am a speech therapist in Ohio. I belong to a Dominican parish, St. Thomas Aquinas, in Zanesville, Ohio. I am married with a grown daughter.


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