Book Review: Talking to God: Prayers for Catholic Women


I have two purses, one that functions as my diaper bag/emergency first aid kit/small grocery store of snacks/receipts from the past 3 years in crumpled balls purse. The other is my date night/girls night/bible study/holy cow I get to go shopping by myself purse. When switching between the two, I usually just transfer my “essentials” – wallet and keys. After praying my way through Julie Cragon’s Talking to God I think I’m going to have to add this small book to my purse essentials that stay with me always.

Talking to God by Julie Cragon

Talking To God is a small handbook of prayers for nearly any situation a woman might find herself in. Discerning how to handle a disagreement at work? Julie has a prayer for that. Struggling with patience or controlling anger? There’s a prayer for that. Rejoicing in your son or daughter’s First Communion or Confirmation? Yep, prayers for those and more. Praying for your spouse (or future spouse) and your marriage? I think you get it by now.

Not only has Julie written unique prayers for a myriad of life situations (even prayers about prudence and temperance with eating habits and alcohol, prayers for the beginning and end of the day, throughout the day, and loss of loved ones), she also includes a scripture verse or quotes from saints which directly tie into the situation she is highlighting.

We browse through the table of contents and spot a chapter for our particular need, and we know we are not alone. We realize not only that other women encounter the same situation, but also that the Lord himself wants to accompany us in this moment (Foreword written by Grace Mazza Urbanski from Apostleship of Prayer and

Julie’s prayers are written in a simple, conversational yet elegant style. As I prayed them, I felt the words easily becoming my own, even when I was praying a prayer that did not necessarily apply to my present circumstances or stage in life.

This lovely little book is being released on May 6, just in time for Mother’s Day. It has already been such a blessing in my life and it’s only been in my house a few short days!

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