Daily Gospel Reflection for May 10, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: John 17, 1-11A

Grammar gets me all giddy inside. My heart skips a beat and I feel an involuntary grin form on my face. I learned something new today (or maybe it was in my pre-baby brain, but the good Lord knows most of that knowledge was cast out a long time ago.) The “present perfect passive” tense is used to describe something that was completed in the past with results into the present. For instance, “Son, you have been warned that drinking the bathwater is not a good idea.” True story. He was warned in the past and the results of the warning are that he knows now that he shouldn’t drink the water. The effect lingers. Whether he heeds that warning is another story.

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus is praying, and uses this tool to share some really important news. In the second part of verse 10 Jesus says, “I have been glorified in them.” His disciples listened and believed and he WAS glorified, but on top of that, he will continue to BE glorified even after His death and resurrection because of their faith. But Jesus knows it is not going to be easy, so He prays for them.

I want this Gospel to give you strength and inspiration to keep doing what you’re doing. It might be the smallest act of faith: Bedtime prayers with your kids – you’re glorifying Jesus. Folding your husband’s laundry even though it’s your least favorite chore – you’re glorifying Jesus. Holding back when the rest of the group is piling on the gossip – you betcha, glorifying! Just belong to Jesus – give your heart to Him, and you’re glorifying Him. It’s that easy. He doesn’t have to die on the cross again and again to be made famous. That happens through you and me.


What are you doing now that is glorifying Jesus? Celebrate it!


Lord, thank you for the gift of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. We pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire us daily to live our faith so he may be glorified.


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Abby Brundage is a single mother of two little boys. Since January, 2008 she has hosted The Big, Big House Morning Show on Spirit FM 90.5, the radio ministry of the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg in Florida. The show mixes inspiration, humor and family fun (and great music of course)! You can hear Abby every weekday 6-10am, EST and online at www.myspiritfm.com.


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  1. Abby, this is beautiful:

    “Just belong to Jesus – give your heart to Him, and you’re glorifying Him.”

    You glorify Jesus with your writing! Thank you for lifting us up and reminding me to let God’s glory shine today in my life! Thank you for leading me in a fruitful time of prayer today!

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