Daily Gospel Reflection for May 17, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Mark 9, 30-37

I surprised my kids one morning with the announcement that we were going to Disney World after breakfast (one of the perks of Central Florida living!). There was a big build up, then the news and then… my four year old complained that his pancakes didn’t have enough chocolate chips in them. “Did you not hear what I just said? We’re going to Disney! Who cares about pancakes?”

In today’s Gospel reading Jesus had just shared some VERY heavy news with his apostles. Like, the biggest news ever. He was going to be killed and then rise from the dead. They didn’t get it. Partially because they don’t have the same knowledge we do now, but also because their hearts were somewhere else. They were arguing about who was the greatest. Can you imagine how Jesus felt? And these were the guys he was trusting to spread Christianity! So he said, “Hold up. Let’s just get back to the basics here. Gather round.” And then he reminded them of what was important when it comes to serving him: Putting others first.

As moms we put others first to a fault, but let’s not allow that sacrifice to go to waste. Let your heart be where your sacrifice is. I know it’s hard to do it in the midst of the chaos, but start with short prayers as you do the chores, sit in car line, give yourself a sloppy pedi, hustle home from work to make it to the baseball game. Let the sacrifices sanctify.


I’m all out of post-it notes. What ways do you remind yourself to focus on loving while serving your family?


Father, thank you for calling us to serve so we may reveal your love to our families and friends. Remind us of the basics and help us to always make our acts of service acts of love.


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Abby Brundage is a single mother of two little boys. Since January of 2008 she has hosted The Big, Big House Morning Show on Spirit FM 90.5, the radio ministry of the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg in Florida. The show mixes inspiration, humor and family fun (and great music of course)! You can hear Abby every weekday 6-10am, EST and online at www.myspiritfm.com.


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  1. Oh Abby, you have no idea how badly I needed your prompt question and prayer this morning. Lord, help me to take on the small sacrifices that will fill my day today with love and humility. Enable in me a servant’s heart, Lord.

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