Small Success: Progress, Not Perfection


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Where did the week go?

I’ll tell you where, into business central! This week, we had an end of the school year musical. It was fun and I sat in the back with three of my daughters, two of whom sang along with every song. My oldest daughter landed a summer job. We ordered prom shoes and planned out the evening with our high school senior. The sixteen-year-old has AP exams and track finals. We scheduled 11 physicals and 12 dental appointments. Also, I bought a Fitbit.

So far, the Fitbit has taught me what I already know. I am remarkably consistent in being inconsistent. It’s true in prayer life too. Some days I can follow the Liturgy of the Hours, pray the rosary, listen to a talk and get to adoration. Other days, it’s “Bless us O Lord for these thy gifts…” and not much more. I do 18,421 steps Monday and I think, “I’m a cheetah wearing sneakers, baby!” I do 4,105 steps on Tuesday and I know, I’m really a sneaker-wearing sloth. The reality is, I’m both/and in both exercise and prayer.

However the Fitbit helps me know what I’m doing or not doing, the same way the rosary and the Magnificat keep me apprised of whether or not I’ve at least attempted to pray daily. As my kids learn with their music lessons and school work, as I say but don’t always internalize, demand of yourself progress, not perfection.  The goal is to keep at it, and let the process refine you in whatever field of endeavor it is.

So I hope to hear about this week’s progress from you. I’m going to go hit the gym, armed with my Magnificat and rosary.

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