Question of the Week: Explaining First Communion to Non-Catholics


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Our Question of the Week was originally posted on our Facebook page by reader Sunny:

As a Catholic, how can we describe the importance of First Communion to a non-Catholic? We had a whole weekend planned for our daughter (the First Communicant) and my family. We are getting grief because we can not attend a b-day party because she will be at a First Communion retreat and then we will have a party to celebrate her Communion where we plan to give her her gifts, dress, veil, etc. Can someone shed some light on explaining the importance of this event to a non-Catholic, devout Christian, just not Catholic. I would appreciate it. I am kind of at a loss without being ugly.

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  1. Rather than getting into an argument about transubstantiation, the Protestant Reformation, etc., it’s easier just to say it’s a rite of passage. It’s like a christening, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, or wedding. Generally people seem to be more tolerant of culture than religion. “First Communion is a big deal in our culture,” might be enough to stop the murmuring.

    If, however, the birthday party hosts are actually interested in what occurs at First Communion, then it’s a wonderful time to share the details. It truly is a special, significant event in your daughter’s life!

  2. I like Alicia’s comment! Much better than the tongue-in-cheek one that ran through my mind:
    She’s about to consume the body and drink blood [of Jesus] for the first time, she needs a little time to prepare, yes?

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