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Do you have allergies? Asthma? Live in a high pollution area? If you’re looking to make outdoor plans and want a reliable source when it comes to air quality, the American Lung Association’s State of the Air app might be just what you’re looking for. Tap the button for “Today’s Air Quality” to access current conditions and air quality forecasts for today and tomorrow.

Don’t understand what on earth (or in the atmosphere) the numbers mean? No problem. The ozone and particulate pollution ratings are shown in color-coded boxes. Tap another button and air quality alerts pop up. As I type this, an air quality alert has been issued for my area tomorrow. Below the announcement, an orange box offers further explanation:


Sensitive to air pollutants or have asthma? You may want to liming your time outside today. So be aware and take it easy outside today.

Though the app provides a way to share its air quality information via email, Facebook and Twitter, the only sharing option that actually worked when I tried it was the tweet. In addition, you can sign up for the American Lung Association newsletter and send a pre-written message to your legislator in support of the Clean Air Act.

The app is pretty basic, but if you want a quick check on the quality of the air around you, this free app provides it. And, if you’re interested in more information check out the American Lung Association’s State of the Air report.

This app is available for both iOS and Android.

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