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WonderWe has officially launched the premiere crowdfunding platform for faith, family, and friends. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, WonderWe actively caters to the Catholic and faith-based market. While other crowdfunding platforms censor, discriminate, or even remove faith-based initiatives from their sites, WonderWe was established specifically to assist these campaigns and provide a place for initiatives that may not necessarily fit into the secular norm.

WonderWe is a feature-rich crowdfunding platform designed for both individuals and organizations. The platform offers an easy-to-use interface with robust outreach and sharing capabilities—all provided to users in a revolutionary zero fee pricing model. WonderWe makes free fundraising possible for campaign beneficiaries by relying on the goodwill of donors to cover the costs of the platform.

Courtesy of Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Courtesy of Used with permission. All rights reserved.

WonderWe’s innovative patent-pending features aim to create a culture of “we” in contrast to the conventional crowdfunding focus on “me.” Features include team fundraising; built-in social networking; a We#code concept for sharing and promoting; and “promoter feature” and “video-ask” concept for peer-to-peer fundraising requests with viral potential. The WonderWe app is mobile-ready with native and responsive products and can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.

Many crowdfunding platforms have an “anything goes” approach, but WonderWe screens organizations that join and actively monitors campaigns to maintain a culture in keeping with the values of the Catholic community. Campaigns and organizations that may be restricted on other crowdfunding platforms, such as those supporting pro-life and freedom of religion causes, are welcome on WonderWe. For example, a campaign has been set up to support Elinor Grimmark, a Swedish nurse denied employment because she refused to perform abortions. The platform is also being used to raise funds for pro-life investigator Sandra Merritt after helping to expose Planned Parenthood’s involvement with the sale of aborted children’s body parts. WonderWe is also used to launch Catholic school initiatives such as Veritas Christi, the first ever Catholic high school for students with disabilities.

Courtesy of Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Courtesy of Used with permission. All rights reserved.

The success of WonderWe campaigns on behalf of the hungry in the U.S., those who fight for freedom of conscience in Sweden, and poor hospital patients in Ecuador demonstrates that the platform is effective. WonderWe can connect communities across the globe as they champion the dignity of those on the margins of society. Blessed Mother Teresa knew this connection was vital, writing, “What you are doing I cannot do, what I’m doing you cannot do, but together we are doing something beautiful for God, and this is the greatness of God’s love for us — to give us the opportunity to become holy through the works of love that we do.”  By linking social media to social justice, WonderWe unites the people who can give financial support and the people who can use it to do meaningful work together.

Courtesy of Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Courtesy of Used with permission. All rights reserved.

About WonderWe LLC: WonderWe is a crowdfunding technology company based in Kansas City, Missouri that is dedicated to providing easy and free fundraising for faith, family and friends. WonderWe is inspired by the awesome potential for positive change when online connectivity combines with traditional community values. The WonderWe platform engages cutting edge crowdfunding features to unify campaigns with existing communities. For more information on WonderWe, visit

About the Author: Sharon Green is Chief Development Officer at WonderWe and mom to Maria and Joseph. Sharon graduated from the University of Notre Dame with degrees in Pre-Professional Studies and Anthropology and followed that up with two masters degrees from Notre Dame – one Masters in Education and a second from the Mendoza College of Business in Nonprofit Administration. Sharon is a published author of a children’s book, “Future Domers – a Child’s Guide to Notre Dame.”

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