Question of the Week: Summer Activities for the Kids


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In the summertime, children can be divided into two groups: those who wake up at the crack of dawn and those who’d gladly sleep all day (and stay up most of the night.)

My youngest child is a teenager, so you can probably guess which group he fits into!

I didn’t involve my Big Kids in summer activities beyond Scouting and Vacation Bible School, but every child has different abilities, temperaments and needs. For the fourth summer in a row, my youngest will be attending a summer theatre camp for several hours each day. We’re well-acquainted with the adults who run the camp as well as most of the young people who attend it, and while it’s an inconvenience for me to drive 20 minutes each way to get him to and from camp, I know who he’s with and what he’s doing and that he’s building skills and self-confidence that will serve him well for a lifetime.

What about your family? Do your children attend Vacation Bible School, play a summer sport, or attend summer camp? What do you like (or dislike) about involving children in activities in the summertime?

Please share your answers and experiences in the comment box below.


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  1. Kelly Guest on

    My children attend and volunteer at my parish’s VBS. It’s not far from the house, which is nice, and very well run, which is even nicer.
    My daughter is in 4H, and every year in preparation for the county fair participates in a horse camp. She loves it! What I don’t like is that there are camps all summer long and many of the other riders attend most if not every week. We just cannot afford that. I feel that she is at a disadvantage at fair time; however, she doesn’t seem to mind. While she is a competitor, she just enjoys being there. We try to emphasis how much she has learned and how much she personally has improved.

  2. Our teenagers (ages 18, 17 & 14) have moved into the ‘having a job’ phase. However, as long as they live with us we expect them to do ‘something’ to serve His kingdom here on earth every summer. Very early on this expectation was in place so we have never had to ask them what they plan on doing for the summer. They all look forward to the one week Mission ‘Trip’ that is offered at another local Catholic church. Once they phased out VBS as attendees, they chose to volunteer as group guides and/or leaders of a center. Our 14 year old son still plays sports ~ golf, and is weightlifting for football. As a family, we take mini weekends up north and try to see at least one shrine in our state each summer.

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