Daily Gospel Reflection for June 16, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 6, 7-15

For some, the image of God as loving father evokes comforting images of warm affection, protection, and love. Perhaps just as many find anything but comfort in comparing an earthly father to God’s love. A lot of nerve that Jesus has, asking us to connect with God as Father when our own fathers can be such a far cry from his!

We must remember that Jesus interacted with more than the Holy Family – he saw and lived alongside any number of imperfect families, and imperfect fathers. Jesus saw them then, and he sees them now. He knows our imperfect parents just as he sees and knows our own imperfect parenting – and forgives it all.

In the Our Father, Jesus asks us not to focus on an earthly father but on “Our father in heaven,” whose very name is holy. Christ invites us to pray not under an imperfect, earthly tyranny but instead for the coming of a heavenly kingdom, where we all have our daily fill of bread, where all debts are forgiven, and where deliverance is ours.


Do I make God in the image of my own earthly father? Does this help me feel God’s love more fully, or do I back away at this image? Where can I find loving images of God’s goodness as Our Father in Heaven?


Heavenly Father, you promise us that you know what we need before we even ask. Help me to grow in trust that you will provide me with the goods that I need of your heavenly kingdom.


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Erin McCole Cupp is a wife, mother and lay Dominican. She writes everything from science fiction to murder mystery to Biblical historical fiction, all through a faithfully Catholic lens. Get to know her at erinmccolecupp.com.


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