Microsoft Reveals a Thinner Console at E3


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Microsoft revealed the “Xbox One S” at E3 this Monday, June 13.

At which point, you have to ask, “And who cares?”

Sorry, while this is an improvement over the old-school VCR cinder block that was the original Xbox One, I can’t say I see much in terms of improvement otherwise.

Image source: Xbox official site.

Image source: Xbox official site.

They also had “Xbox Play Anywhere” … because they decided to steal from Playstation’s concept of playing across multiple Playstation formats. Basically, you buy something for Xbox One, you can also play it on your PC, if you so desire, transferring all of your saves and content from one to the other. Except, here’s the thing: it’s good with making Xbox a PC game box, BUT ONLY WITH WINDOWS 10. See, they really will try anything to make you upgrade to Windows 10.

Also revealed … Gears of War 4. For those people who really really REALLY want their fix of guns with chainsaws on them.

And … another Killer Instinct game. While I’m not usually a fighting game person, I will at least look at games like Street Fighter, or even Injustice. This? It just looks decidedly uninteresting to me.

More to come.

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