Daily Gospel Reflection for June 20, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 7, 1-5

I have the perfect thing for my three oldest children, ages 9, 8, and 6, to give up for Lent (Lent just started as I write this). It is a wish-list of behaviors that I really want to stop (or start). My oldest child needs to stop complaining. She tells me daily that she has too many siblings and no privacy. It is very draining as I can’t simply produce another bedroom! My 8-year-old boy needs to transition better. If he could only come to dinner (or insert request here) without flipping out, then I would rejoice! And, the mere mention of chores to my 6-year-old leads to tears and sudden illnesses.

If these behaviors could be fixed, life in our home would be more peaceful!

And then, I am hit with the words of the Gospel, “Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, but not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?” Ouch! Though these lines have always spoken to me, I have never thought of them in terms of my motherhood before. Of course, a mother should lovingly correct and guide her children, but perhaps even more influential is her example.

Instantly, I thought of my complaining. I may not complain about number of bedrooms, but I sure have a lot to say about my outdated kitchen. If my children ask me to stop doing something that I am enjoying (like sipping a hot coffee), they are firmly told to wait. And I do more than my fair share of cleaning, but it is never at the end of a long day (which is when I request my first grader to give it her all).

Let there be peace on earth (or at least in my home), and let it begin with ME.


How are the “wooden beams” in your eye preventing you from being the mother that you are called to be?


God, please grant me right judgment and wisdom to change things in my life that are preventing me from being who you want me to be. Help me not to lose precious opportunities to grow closer to you and others.


Copyright 2016 Trish Bolster

Trish Bolster is a stay-at-home mother to six young children in Harrisburg, PA. She is doing her best to stay happy and sane while bringing up saints for God!


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