Daily Gospel Reflection for June 21, 2016 - St. Aloysius Gonzaga


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 7; 6, 12-14 – Memorial of St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Today we are given a three-fold challenge. First, Jesus uses an analogy of dogs and swine to symbolize those who reject what is holy. What was considered holy in His time were those things consecrated for worship. The early Church applied this teaching to the Holy Eucharist. With all the persecutions of the Church throughout the world today, are we holding tight to what is holy? Is the Holy Mass our source and summit? Do we understand what is truly happening on the altar and understand the instructions regarding the Mass? We mustn’t take for granted the gift of Holy Mass in our country but strive to grow closer to the events that take place during this Holy Sacrifice.

Second, Jesus gives us the Golden Rule. Isn’t this something we were taught as children? In this year of Mercy, this might be an old lesson that needs renewing in the hearts of us all.

Third, the image of the narrow gate is given to our mind’s eye so that we are reminded that the journey to Heaven is not always easy. Sometimes it will be difficult and uncomfortable like those who struggled to get through the narrow gates of the cities. We have entered into a time in our country in which our faith is challenged more and more. It will be uncomfortable to defend our faith and what is most holy in it, God in the Eucharist. It will become an exercise in dying to self to be merciful to those who do not understand our love of Christ and His Church, but we must if we are to follow the Golden Rule. It will be difficult to walk through the narrow gate, but we must remember that on the other side is the Light of Christ.


Do I fully understand the events that take place during the Holy Mass enough to share with those who do not, even when it may be difficult?


Lord, you have given us what is most holy in your Blessed Sacrament. Help us to draw deeper into the relationship offered on the altar, understanding that through that relationship, we will have the grace to follow the Golden Rule and to stay the course as we trudge through the narrow gate.


Copyright 2016 Diane Schwind

Diane Schwind, with her husband Robert, are the co-directors of Balanced Families Ministries, A Marriage & Family Apostolate in the Diocese of Fort Worth. They offer marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, Theology of the Body catechesis, & women’s enrichment through retreats, conferences, and parish talks. They can be contacted at BalancedFamiliesMinistries@gmail.com, through their website at BalancedFamiliesMinistries.com or on Facebook.


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  1. Beautiful reflection on an important gospel passage. Your third point employs an illustration which will guide my day today as I endeavor in my own way to pass through the narrow gate and into Christ’s light. Thank you Diane!

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