Daily Gospel Reflection for July 5, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 9, 32-38/a>

This short Gospel passage concisely sums up Jesus’ work on Earth. He taught, proclaimed, cured, and exorcised everywhere he went. It also shows us a very human side of Jesus. It shows us His compassion, empathy, love, and even pity. He was moved because the people he came into contact with were those that were “troubled and abandoned” and lacked a shepherd for guidance. Not only did he fill their hearts with the Good News, he also cured them of their physical and spiritual afflictions.

Jesus showed his disciples what their jobs would be in the world. He provided the examples and attitudes of how they should conduct themselves on their missions. He also demonstrated that there would be a lack of laborers for God’s work because the harvest was so plentiful.


Do you recognize that “the harvest is abundant” but there are few laborers to gather the harvest and that we are called to be shepherds and harvesters of God’s people?


Dear Lord, it is not just the chosen few who are called to labor in your vineyard. Make all of us the shepherds that are needed to comfort and guide the lost sheep back to you.


Copyright 2016 Michael Carillo

Michael Carrillo is a retired police officer from a large California metropolitan police department. He is married to Vicki and they have five adult children between them. He is an unabashed fan of Jesuit education, though he regrets not obtaining one himself. Day hikes and walks give him opportunities and inspiration to look for and find God.


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