Daily Gospel Reflection for July 8, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 10, 16-23

Today’s Gospel begins “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” What a visualization that brings to mind!

This really makes up ponder the path we must take in order to walk with our Lord. He doesn’t pretend that it will be an easy one. Each day we are challenged to choose the right way to respond to everyone we meet.

There are many times in a day that our children or even people in the grocery store may challenge our patience. We are being sent out into our community every day with the task of calling upon Christ to lead us to make the right responses to the people in our paths.

Whether it is to make the loving response when our child may want something unattainable or when someone may cut us off in traffic, we are called to be Christ-like. To be perceptive and loving in our reactions.


Have I made the loving choice today? Have I shown others the grace of God’s presence in their lives today?


O Lord, please send your spirit to guide me along the right paths. Help me to see everyone is worthy of your love.


Copyright 2016 Dawn Broussard

Dawn Broussard is fourth grade teacher at St. Aloysius Catholic School in Baton Rouge, LA. She also enjoys assisting in the PSR classes at her home parish.


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  1. Jeanme Papas on

    OMG! Your reflection it’s just so so true. I am a teacher of 35 years in the public schools. I was fortunate enough to go to Catholic school all my life. I taught first and second grade for 30 years and went down to kindergarten for the last six. I want to show/teach the parents how important their actions are each day. The news is full of anti-bullying tactics but it starts with the parents and adults. The way parents talk to their children, the way parents talk to their spouses, and the way parents talk when they’re in the car about other people / even teachers. Our actions have to show compassion and love. I have been wanting to write a news article to put in the newspaper just about these things. It is so hard to say these things and not to be able to mention God. But I know God wants me to continue with the mission he has put me on this Earth for. I’ll start to write and then I stop and say why bother. Maybe some day this summer I will finally do it.

  2. Judy Yacio on

    You’re all on target, and our fervent prayer must be for us to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us to the Father so Christ’s sacrifice and Love continue. Thank God for God and for loving us ♡+♡

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