Daily Gospel Reflection for July 17, 2016 - Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 10, 38-42 – Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This is a verse that always makes me think.  My personality is a Martha, but I aspire to be a Mary.  I feel like I’m constantly having an identity crisis: am I Martha, or am I Mary? What worries me most is that Jesus says that Mary has chosen the better part; so does that mean I should sit and hang out with my kids, or do I still have to get up to make dinner?  I’m one of those type A personalities that would have preferred if Jesus had just given us a specific schedule, i.e. spend 20 minutes with me, 20 minutes making dinner and then you’re doing it right.

My husband and I like to throw parties.  My Martha personality comes out in getting ready for the party but my goal is to sit as Mary did with my guests when they arrive. When I was little, I would watch as family members hosted parties, and I always noticed they never sat down, as they were too busy running around serving.  Heaven forbid they eat! They pushed others into the food line while promising they’d get their plate in a minute.  I felt awkward eating without them and hoped they would just come sit and enjoy themselves.  So now when I throw parties I try my hardest to just sit and be with our guests, as Mary sat with Jesus.


What is something that you fret over like Martha?  How could you learn to let go of it to allow more time to be with Jesus?


Lord, we know both Mary and Martha loved you but that only one chose to sit at your feet.  Give us the grace to spend 5 minutes in adoration, instead of running that extra errand.


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Courtney Vallejo is a Catholic wife and mother who lives in California. She and her husband are raising their two adopted children. She holds a Master’s degree in Film Production and a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. She also writes for her own blog, acatholicwife.blogspot.com.


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