Daily Gospel Reflection for July 21, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 13, 10-17

Parables. The precious storytelling of Jesus. Treasured by Christians, but just pleasant white noise by those who don’t know and love Him. Even in Jesus’ time, some people just didn’t get it.

Some of the most memorable stories in the Bible are the parables. The prodigal and his forgiving father, the good Samaritan, and the wonderful Good Shepherd. These were all characters Jesus created to tell a story that touches the heart and soul. When we read the parables with hearts full of grace, faith is what we have, it is what we are given more of, and in faith we can grow rich. The truth expressed in Jesus’ parables is a treasure indeed.

When a person’s heart opens up to receive God’s love and Mercy, then their ears will hear His voice and their eyes will see His gentle hand reaching out to them. But how can a closed heart be opened?

Each of us was created by Jesus to tell a story. But as He said, many people can’t see or hear the words. Pope Francis eloquently expresses love and mercy in the way his life shows it. My life, like his, is a parable. My actions can vividly and memorably show how the love of God renews us. I can offer people a live demonstration of the Gospel. My tiny little life is important in God’s story. It’s a treasure. A diamond, faceted with generosity, suffering, growth and redemption that Jesus longs to share with others.


Does the joy of my life speak to the hearts of other people? How can I be your words of healing to them?


Lord, fill my heart with gratitude for the riches of grace you allow me to see, hear and understand. Make me a living parable that speaks your love to those who need to be healed.


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