Daily Gospel Reflection for July 26, 2016 - Sts. Joachim and Anne


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 13, 36-43 – Sts. Joachim and Anne

Alright ladies, today is about tough love. Sometimes we need hugs and sometimes we need to learn lessons, and that’s what today’s Gospel is about.

It can be easy to focus on the kindness and the love that God has for us. We can picture Him as our warm father in Heaven with arms out stretched waiting for us to come home. But it is much more challenging to imagine the same God full of righteous anger, dispatching angels to “throw sinners into the fiery furnace.” We rarely think of such things or imagine they apply to us.

But there is a danger in forgetting this side of the Lord. Like a good father, He has given us rules, guidance for living a true and good life. Every time we turn away from Him and break the rules, it causes Him great pain. He is filled with sadness and anger that His children have disobeyed Him.

It is so easy to be filled with pride and think that because we do not steal or murder that WE are not incurring the wrath of the Father, but that is simply not true. We are all broken. We are all sinners. We sin many times every single day. Each of these sins makes God righteously angry.

And this is precisely why we need Jesus. He came and gave His life so we may still come to God in Heaven. Without his sacrifice, we are doomed to eternal hell. It sounds heavy and dark because it is. That is why we need Mass. It’s why we need confession and adoration. It’s why we need Jesus.

Run to Jesus with arms open wide. Seek him every day. Make him your best friend. Lean on him constantly.

“Whoever has ears ought to hear.”


Who in your life needs to feel God’s love through your own act of kindness? What small thing can you do to help them feel worthy of God’s love?


Lord, help me understand that I am broken, a sinner, and yet you still desire me to be your messenger. Give me the courage to proclaim your truth in the world.

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Sterling Jaquith is a wife and mama to three girls in Boise, Idaho and is the host of the Coffee & Pearls podcast. As a convert, she is so in love with the truth and tradition of the Church that she dedicates her life to helping lukewarm Catholics discover the passion and joy of our faith! She writes at www.sterlingjaquith.com.


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