Daily Gospel Reflection for July 27, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 13, 44-46

What a great treasure is Jesus’ love for us! All over the Bible and throughout the Mass, it is hidden in plain sight. But notice in each story the man, to receive the treasure, has to make a great effort.

This is simple, in a way, as we hear of Jesus’ love in every page of the Bible and in every Mass, but we have to keep at it. I once was struggling and my confessor said, “Have you asked for the grace to handle this?” It hadn’t occurred to me to ask! So, feeling a little sheepish, I learned to ask in prayer for the grace needed to handle whatever challenge I faced. So if you hear again how much Jesus loves you but struggle with the idea, ask for the grace to keep digging to find that treasure and make it yours.

Often you may assent to the fact of Jesus’ love even while you aren’t feeling it. That’s actually good news: Jesus’ love is infinite and constant, no matter what we feel. It is the most dependable thing that there is. Whether your feelings are flat and grey, or raging up one side and down the other (helloooo, middle age), it matters not: Jesus’ love for you never ever changes. Isn’t that a priceless treasure? Buying that field is worth every effort.


Part of maturity is to have compassion for ourselves, but not to let feelings own us. Do I remind myself kindly to rely on His unchanging love no matter what?


Dear Jesus, thank you for giving yourselves to us as a priceless treasure that you want us to have. Give us the grace to keep searching for you, and in our weakness, remind us again and again that you are completely trustworthy. Amen.


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Jane Dudley lives in Richmond, Virginia, where she enjoys being active in her parish, a career in technology, music, photography, and learning new languages. She blogs at FormaFidei.com .


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