Daily Gospel Reflection for August 1, 2016 - St. Alphonsus Ligouri


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 14, 13-21 – St. Alphonsus Ligouri

The account of the loaves and fishes – we’ve heard it so many times we tend to simply gloss over it, assuming we know what it means: Jesus performs a miracle, changing a small basket of food into enough to feed thousands. But embedded in that miracle is another message – another basic truth that gives us a clue to what God wants for our relationship with Him.

Jesus tells the disciples to feed the people who have gathered to be with Him. The disciples look at the meager ration of food they have, then back at Jesus, “Five loaves and two fish are all we have here.” Jesus immediately understands their lack of faith and says, “Bring them here to me.” Blessing and breaking the bread, He performs the miracle we know so well.

How many times have we relied on our power, our own human wisdom, to accomplish something in God’s kingdom? It might be as simple as getting through the day when being a mom is difficult, or the hard work of running an apostolate. Whatever it is, God wants us to “bring them here to me.” Everything. The work, the problems, our weakness, everything.

We are never meant to perform the miracle – it belongs to God, and without our bringing it all to Him, there is no miracle. When we hold back from God, we stop our work whatever it is, and more importantly, we stop His.


What do we hold back from God? What keeps us from giving all to Him?


Lord, help me to give you everything I have: my weakness, my fear, my doubt, my intention, my heart and my work, so You may work a miracle in my life for your greater glory.
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Sherry is founder and senior partner at the Kennedy Brownrigg Group, a PR, marketing and organizational management firm working in the Catholic marketplace. A 34-year veteran of the communications and media industries, she has worked with hundreds of organizations and individuals around the world to achieve their goals and realize their mission. Sherry’s greatest desire is to make Christ known and loved.


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