Daily Gospel Reflection for August 2, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 14: 22-36

Intimacy with the Lord and heroic confidence in Jesus are today’s items for reflection.

Matthew’s Gospel mentions the boat was tossed about by the waves. When Jesus came towards the boat, the disciples were terrified, thinking he was a ghost. Many times in our daily routine we don’t recognize the presence of the Lord because of our lack of intimacy with him. How can we be intimate with a person we don’t know?

Intimacy is built on a gradual basis; it doesn’t happen within the “snap of a finger” but it is a fruit of daily dialogue and sharing. With Jesus, this happens through our prayers. Intimacy with the Lord allows us to clearly recognize his presence when we sink under the waves of trials and problems.

Today we are invited to recognize the Lord in every situation. Just look around you and see his face in people you meet every day. Note he is blessing your work, your home, your family; and, more importantly, recognize his presence when you think you are alone. He is close and constantly repeats the words he addressed to the disciples: “Do not be afraid” Let these words now echo deep inside your heart: “Do not be afraid.” Think about the greatest challenge you have and listen to the sweet voice of the Lord whispering: “Do not be afraid.”

“Heroic confidence” is intrinsically connected with intimacy. The gospel says Peter began to walk on the water after Lord’s command. Peter heroically trusted the Lord and did what is physically impossible for a man: to walk on water! If we heroically trust in the Lord we can do much more than this. When confidence is lacking, Jesus will be right there, stretching out his hands to catch us. Do your best and the grace of the Lord will do the rest.


In which circumstances should I recognize the presence of Jesus? Which action I will take to improve my heroic confidence? Daily mass, pray the rosary, seek spiritual direction, etc.


Dear Lord Almighty. we humbly ask you to increase in us our intimacy with you; grant us heroic confidence to overcome all the challenges posed to us, through the intercession of our blessed Mother Mary. Amen.


Copyright 2016 Fabio Weizenmann, translated from the original Portuguese by Flavia Ghelardi

Fabio Weizenmann participates in the Catholic Marian Movement of Schoenstatt through the Family Federation, a community of families. Fabio is married to Vanessa, and Isabela is their only child. The Weizenmann family currently lives in New York, where Fabio works for a bank.


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