Daily Gospel Reflection for August 8, 2016 - St. Dominic


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 17, 22-27 – St. Dominic

In today’s gospel, the disciples were told that Jesus was going to die. Can you remember how you felt when you realized your parents would die? The panic that immediately radiated in your heart and thumped into your hands and feet? I imagine this is how it was with the disciples. How would they go on? Where would they go? How would they continue their lives without the one person the identified with and lived for?

Jesus, knowing that this would be unthinkable for them to come to terms with, asks them about taxes of all things. Talk about a complete shake-up. As a parent, I often do this with my sons. When they are in the middle of a complete and utter panic about something, I ask them a question unrelated, but related somehow, to pull them out of their despair.

Jesus tells the Peter how to take care of the tax, but he shows Peter something far more important. Jesus shows Peter that He will take care of him. This passage is so comforting to me as a mother and as a child of God. No matter what, Jesus will always provide, He will always have the answers, and He will always find a way to find me.


How can we rest in knowing that Jesus is always there to take care of our worries, fear and feelings of panic, especially in today’s world? Let us pause and listen. He is there, waiting to comfort us.


Jesus, you take care of me, today and always. Show me how to serve you better, today and always.


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