Daily Gospel Reflection for August 13, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 19, 13-15
This is “classic Jesus”, isn’t it? Always willing to show love, especially to those who love him. However, with deeper reflection, there are four parties involved in these three short verses: Jesus, the children and their (assumed) parents and the disciples.

Let’s look at the disciples first. They rebuked those coming to Jesus. The disciples are Jesus’ biggest fans, why did they do that? Did they not want Jesus bothered? Did they think Jesus was too busy? I’m afraid that too often I have been like the disciples thinking Jesus doesn’t have time, or that my needs or someone else’s aren’t important to him or that I’m too busy to show his love to someone.

Am I the parent? I, too, brought my children to Jesus to ask for his blessing. Maybe too often I neglect to remind my children of their Baptism and what it meant for me to have them born anew into God’s Kingdom. There are lots of people in my life who need to be reminded of God’s love and of my love for them. May I find the grace to bring Jesus to them today.

I hope I’m a lot like Jesus, with open arms, welcoming those who are outcasts, poor, hungry or lonely. In reality, I need to be like Jesus more often.

Sometimes I’m one of the children and going to him in prayer. This is a good time to think about what I take with me in prayer. Too often our time together is filled with my worries and wants. May I find some time today to go to Jesus just to be with him, to enjoy is company and know he loves me and to ask for his blessing.


What can I do today to bring those I love or their needs to Jesus? Today, make a “date” to be with the Lord and simply ask for his blessing.


Dear Jesus, thank you for always welcoming me into your arms. I praise you, God of love.


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Julie Storr is a wife, a mom to two grown sons, and a convert who fell deeply in love with the Catholic faith. Julie and her family live in northwest Iowa.


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