Question of the Week: Which Gospel Woman Are You?


Editor’s Note: This week, Colleen Mitchell turns the Question of the Week into the Quiz of the Week! She’s set up a very special quiz to celebrate the launch of her new book, Who Does He Say You Are, from Franciscan Media. We encourage you to enjoy the quiz and read the book! –Barb

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The women of the Gospels have a lot to teach us about our identities in Christ.

Click here to take the quiz and discover which women of the Gospel you mostly closely resemble in personality and the way you relate to God.

Then read my new book, Who Does He Say You Are, to get a fuller picture of that woman and many others and what Christ has to say to you through them!

Which Gospel woman are you? Share your quiz results in the comment box below!

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Colleen Mitchell is a Catholic wife and mom to five sons here on earth, one little saint she held for a brief three months, and four she has yet to meet. After the death of their sixth son, Bryce, she had her husband founded St. Bryce Missions, seeking a way to use their experience of grief, loss and the tender mercy of God in the midst of it to bring glory to God and serve His Church. She currently serves a foreign missionary to the Cabecar peoples in the rural Chirripo mountains of Costa Rica and hopes soon to be bringing Christ's love to the Church in Tanzania, Africa as well. She is passionate about loving the poor, living the call of the Gospel radically, living with the Eucharist as the source and summit of all her endeavors and becoming a saint. Not wanting to be a lonely saint, she hopes her written words will encourage others to join her on the journey. Colleen blogs Blessed Are The Feet


  1. Mark 5:25-34 for sure! suffered much- bled for years-was viewed as unclean-if I can only but touch-My daughter, your faith has made you well.I could go on and on at how I relate…!! 😉

  2. I’m Martha of Bethany. No surprise there. I relate very much to Martha being “anxious and worried about many things.” And I hope very deeply that I may also grow in faith as she did, and be able to witness to my belief and trust in God.

    • I have a lot of Martha in my too, Barb. But I am always so consoled by the woman she becomes at Lazarus’ resurrection. I can be transformed by Christ like her!

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