Music to Pray By: The Ash Grove


Sacred music has a large part to play in our Catholic lives. Every one of us can surely name some religious song that lifts our spirits, be it “Ave Maria” or “Here I Am, Lord.”

But even music that is not specifically religious can have a spiritual side to it. Any beautiful melody can orient our thoughts towards God, the source of all creation – and that, in itself, is a kind of prayer.

In this series, I’ll highlight five pieces that, while not ostensibly “churchy,” are nonetheless very powerful at getting me into a prayerful, contemplative frame of mind.  Sample them here, or make a playlist for your own quiet moments.

“The Ash Grove,” sung by Laura Wright (album: The Last Rose)

Finally, here’s  a Welsh folk song that I discovered totally by accident. The tune is gorgeous, the singing is angelic, and the lyrics are about walking through a grove of ash trees and remembering people you love. It always makes me think of the communion of saints.

Which secular songs get you in a prayerful frame of mind? What would you add to the list?

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