The most powerful prayer: Offering up the Eucharist for someone else


In all my years as a convert, I’ve learned many prayers. It was during a most difficult time in my life that I learned to offer up the Eucharist for someone else.

Our parish was going through a consolidation and my husband and I were struggling not only with the changes, but with some of the people involved. I was pregnant with our daughter and my emotions were raw.

I felt unworthy to receive the Eucharist because of my feelings towards the people we were working with, but I had a concern for our baby’s health so I offered up my Communion for her.

We eventually left the parish. It was never a question of leaving the Catholic Church, but of finding one where we could practice our faith again without distraction. We wanted to heal from the lies and disrespect. It took a while, but we were able to move on.

What was the result of offering up the Eucharist for our daughter? She is an adult now who attends Mass, practices and defends her faith.

When another family member experienced a crisis recently, I remembered the most powerful prayer and I offered up my Communion for them also. That person is now in the process of healing.

"Offering Up the Eucharist for Someone Else" by Pam Spano for

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On the Feast day of St. Alphonsus Liguori (August 1), I read these words of this great saint in the Magnificat:

“If you desire to find him immediately, see – he is quite close to you. Tell him what you desire, for it is to console you and grant your prayer that he remains in the tabernacle.”

And this:

… hear Mass every day; practice mental prayer and the visitation of the most Holy Sacrament; go to Communion at least once a week; fly from evil conversations; walk always with God; and you shall see that, by such a life, you will enjoy that sweetness and peace which the world, with all it delights, has not hitherto been able to give you.

Since I’ve had the opportunity to attend daily Mass, I’ve been offering up my communion for various people. One day, as I approached the altar, I asked the Lord to save a small piece just for me.

Have you ever offered up your communion for anyone else? Were you able to witness the results?

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Pam Spano converted to the Catholic faith as an adult over 30 years ago. Her conversion story started when she sarcastically said to her Catholic boyfriend at the time, "I suppose if we were to get married, you would want me to convert." He thought for a moment and said, "Well, I am worried about your soul." And so the journey began ...


  1. I love your article!! I too have offered up my communions for other people and a priest suggested years ago that I should offer a novena of communions. I forgot about doing this and reading your article reminded me. I regret that I cannot recall seeing results. I suppose it is probably to keep me from thinking that” I did it” because I tend to do that?

  2. Richard Davis on

    So true. What more can a person do than offer up what is most valuable to them? “This is my body. Take it and eat.” It is the very essence of the Faith, and for you to offer to give up part of this essence is in a way the ultimate sacrifice and ultimate gift.

    Very nice article. You don’t often see a focus on the Eucharist. But what else is there?

  3. yes, i always do esp for the souls of our dearly departed, for our priests, for my children, for my husband, for the prople who dislike me etc. but I am not very much aware of the results. I just trust and let His will be done.

  4. Hi Pam,
    Please pray for my husband’s conversion. He has been in bondage of adultery, lust, perversion. Apart from this, he has left home and is trapped in his anger and pride, unforgiveness and hopelessness, bitterness and resentment, and confusion.
    Thank you.

  5. Beautiful and power. I often say a special prayer during consecration and now I will do this. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for posting this article. I have been offering up my communion for my husband who has turned against God and our Sacramental marriage upcoming on 39 years. Recently i remembered how he was abused in Catholic Military high school and I imagine how tough this year must have been for him. So I pray for mercy and grace and healing for him and pray god finds a little for me in other ways like the rosary or prayer.

  7. Jean S Florida on

    Beginning on All Saints Day, Nov 1 and continuing for 8 or 9 days, there is a way to earn a plenary indulgence for someone deceased. It involves visiting a Catholic cemetery and praying there, I believe. This is easier now that some Catholic churches have a columbarium. Maybe you will check on the details and write a post around that time? That might be helpful.

    • I have a friend who does this all the time and I’ve wondered about the details. I will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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