Daily Gospel Reflection for August 26, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 25, 1-13

In today’s gospel we read about the 10 foolish virgins who let their lamps run out of oil and had to make a last minute shopping trip to replenish their lamps! To make matters worse, they pay for the oil, but miss the bridegroom and get totally shut out of the wedding feast. We call this a disaster!

The end of August is a lazy time, but the busyness of fall is right around the corner, with back-to-school activities, sports, and even a renewed sense of vigor in the work place. So maybe now is the perfect time to make sure we don’t end up like the 10 foolish virgins, and make sure to disaster-proof our lives. On the practical side, we can make sure that our pantries are stocked, school and office supplies are bought, and the house is tidied enough that we can keep up with it during the busy weeks ahead.

More importantly, in our spiritual life, it’s time to take stock of our relationship with the Lord, and reinforce our time in prayer and scripture reading. When all of the activities of autumn come, we don’t want to forget that the bridegroom is indeed coming, and we want to prepare our hearts for Him. Let’s remember to keep our spiritual lamps full of oil so that we don’t run out before Advent!


What are some ways that I can boost my prayer life and relationship with the Lord now, so that I do not lose sight of what’s important during the busy weeks ahead.


Lord, help me to learn from your parable of the 10 virgins, that you are the real reason for all that we do in our lives. Help me to remember that as summer comes to an end.


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Elena LaVictoire is a graduate of Baker College in Flint. Her flute can be heard on CDs with the Peace Together Choir at hopefulmusic.com. Elena has been married to her high school sweetheart for 36 years. They have six children. She blogs about Catholic married life at mydomesticchurch.com.


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