Daily Gospel Reflection for August 28, 2016 - Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 14: 1, 7-14 – Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some of the greatest saints considered themselves the greatest sinners. Truly, they understood who God is and what they were. I am reminded of these saints by today’s Gospel reading.

Jesus is giving us a lesson in humility. Humility is not putting ourselves down. The saints did not do that. It is, however, putting others before ourselves. That is what the saints did. When Jesus tells us to “go and sit at the lowest place,” it is not because He wants us to put ourselves down; He wants us to raise others up.

Jesus is challenging us to give of ourselves without counting the cost or expecting paybacks. When we are truly concerned about others, we will use our gifts and blessings for their benefit and betterment. Sometimes this is quite easy to do for those in our family or for those we like. Jesus, however, is widening our view to see everyone as part of our family and worthy of our love.

We will only be able to do this when we learn to see God in others. Ironically, we will also then recognize our own worth and dignity before God. We are all His children – no exceptions!

As the virtue of humility grows in us, we appreciate that we are owed nothing, but are given everything! Our God is good.

And finally, at the end of this life, when we, like the saints who have gone before us, appear in all humility before God, we will hear Him say to us, “Friend, come up higher!”


What can I do today that will put another before myself?


Lord, increase in me the virtue if humility. Let me recognize that all my gifts are from you and help me to use those gifts to lift others up. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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A former Dominican sister of St. Cecilia in Nashville, Kelly discerned after temporary vows that God had something else planned for her. Now a wife and a home school (until high school) mother of 10, she has also been called to be a Director of Education for Villa Louise, a program for pregnant teens; a Director of Religious Education; and is now a coordinator of Youth Ministries. The lessons she has learned and the blessings she has received she enjoys blogging about at CatholicMom.com.


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  1. Kelly, this gospel contains some teachings that are consistently needed in my life, but also that continuously challenge me. Thank you for providing a beautiful prayer that will be on my lips today and beyond!

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