Daily Gospel Reflection for September 3, 2016 - St. Gregory the Great


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 6, 1-5 – St. Gregory the Great

Oh, Simon Peter. He wants to prove that he knows his job, that he really does know how to fish. Perhaps he was even a little exasperated with Jesus. “Doesn’t He know I’ve been working all night? Why should I listen to Him, only to be humiliated once more?”

I will never forget the moment it dawned on me that I needed to change my career objective. It seemed as though God was asking me to throw away everything I’d been working toward. “Doesn’t He know I’ve been working towards this for years? Why should I listen to Him, only to lose so many opportunities?” But when I took that plunge forward and did what He was guiding me to, He blessed me more abundantly than I could have expected.

Although I don’t like to admit it, I am a lot like Peter. I consider myself an expert in my own life. I know my talents and my weaknesses, I know what frustrates me and what my passions are. But sometimes Jesus wants me to trust Him more in the little things, or even to take a leap of faith into the unknown. It is at these times that I learn what a necessity prayer is.

I may be astonished at His mercy towards my sinful self, but I must remember that He can never be outdone in generosity. No matter how difficult things may seem or how long the road stretches before me, He will always give me more than I need, as He did Peter.


In what ways do I hesitate to do the Lord’s will, because of fear, or embarrassment, or difficulty, and how can I eliminate that hesitation?


Lord, You know when to push me out of my comfort zone. Give me greater trust in Your perfect timing. Amen.


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Allison DeWolf is a graduate student at the Liturgical Institute, where she learns, works, and breathes everything liturgy-related. She enjoys weekend road trips, good books, and conversations over coffee. In her free time, she blogs at Faint Hue of Grace about living at a Catholic seminary.


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