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Welcome to September’s Small Business Strategies! This month we sit down with Beth Ann of Beth Anne’s Best; she is a virtual assistant, and shares the value that a virtual assistant can bring to your small business.



Most creative business owners are really good at the creative part of running their business. They are great at making their products and coming up with new ideas.

But, where most creative business owners struggle is staying organized. They struggle with the paperwork, keeping their website up to date, anything techy, promoting their business and the bookkeeping.

There is an age old saying in business that is so true, “You have to spend money to make money.” Even though many people don’t like that saying, it’s true. And that is where I come in. For the past two years, I have been a Virtual Assistant for bloggers and online business owners.


A Virtual Assistant is someone that works from anywhere in the world. They usually work from their home in a different state than their clients, but not always. I have known of virtual assistants that are local to their clients. I’ve also known virtual assistants that are in totally different countries. I even know virtual assistants that travel often and keep on working for their clients. I have a friend that will work on client work while on airplanes. As you can see, the position is very versatile to many different lifestyles.

As a Virtual Assistant, I do everything from

  • Social Media Management
  • Online Marketing (including your email list)
  • Social Media result tracking
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Blog Cleanup
  • Twitter Chats
  • Email Management
  • Technical Help
  • Bookkeeping
  • …much much more!

If you have a task you need completed you can find someone to help you get it done.

As you can see there are many different tasks you can have a virtual assistant do. The main goal of hiring a virtual assistant is to get those boring tasks you don’t have time to do off your plate and onto someone else’s’ so you can work on doing things to grow your business.

So here is an example of how a Virtual Assistant can help get you more organized.

Say starting out you hire a virtual assistant to schedule all your social media for you for 20 hours a month. You might pay them anywhere from $200-$500 a month, depending on their experience and rate.

Yes that can be a big expense but that is 20 hours you just got back to yourself. With those 20 hours you could write an ebook, or create 5 more crocheted hats to sell in your Etsy shop.

Say you sell your ebook for $5. If at least 100 people buy the ebook you will earn your money back. And that is just for one month. You will keep earning money for that ebook every month for many years as long as the content is evergreen and not time sensitive.

Also if you have a virtual assistant handling your social media and marketing your social media presence will grow. Like most bloggers and online businesses just starting out you aren’t sure what to post or at what time to post. And the different things you should post on Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram. If you hire an expert they will keep up with all your different social media networks and track to see how well each site is doing and help you improve your online presence.

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Jen Frost is a Catholic quilter and crafter who evangelizes through fabric and loves talking about small business strategies. She’s a pattern writter, quilt designer, and book author. When she’s not in front of her sewing machine, she can be found at the beach with her husband and son, toes happily buried in the sand. She loves Instagram, and writes and quilts each week at Faith and Fabric. Join in the fun the first Monday of the month at 12pm PST.


  1. Jen this article is so timely as I’m looking to get better organized (or actually organized at all). Do you employ a virtual assistant? What has your personal experience been? I also wonder what Beth Anne would have to say about trusting someone you’ve never met “in real life” with matters of some confidentiality. Thanks for a thought provoking article!

    • Hi Lisa! I’ve forwarded your message to Beth Anne; I’m sure she’ll have a great thought on trust. I don’t employ a virtual assistant…right now, I’m a one-woman show but definitely see the benefit for businesses.

  2. This article is so timely!! Thank you so much!! Any advice on how to find a virtual assistant? If especially love to find one that Is also Catholic so we have the basic common ground from which to grow my small business. Thanks so much!

      • Thanks Gretchen!

        Yes I am available to help. Really I know people that find them via Facebook group recommendations, social media, and google searches. Mos people I know will hire someone and just give them 1 or 2 tasks at first and then as they see what they do they will give them more to do. You can always ask for samples and testimonials from other people.

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