Daily Gospel Reflection for September 19, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 8, 16-18

In striving to write this reflection ‘well’, I read interpretations of the passage on the Internet; and despite that, remained unmoved. A few days later I was driving one morning and caught a glimpse of an older man in a downtown store doorway. His soft white cotton shirt and his humble stance reminded me of my uncle who cared for me through my childhood. My uncle came to mind, for a split second – I think I see him in elation, then remember that he is gone, with reluctant acceptance that leaves me flat.

Then my reflection was made clear. My uncle left an opening in my heart, one which no other person or thing can fill. It is lined with kindness, constancy, forgiveness and unconditional love; the ways my uncle shined Christ’s light on me – it is one that God’s light can shine through me. I am humbled by that gift and strengthened in knowing it; it is my inheritance and responsibility to continue to let God’s light shine through onto others. My openings, if I keep them blocked, I will lose, they will not stay the warm spots of tenderness and love, which I was given.

And in the end all will be revealed. I cannot hide what I’ve done or not; whether I held my tongue when I could bring comfort or shared the Word to guide someone or perhaps confront – in the end it will be known whether I’ve let the Light shine through, ultimately, if I have loved or not.


Have you had someone who has shone the light of Christ in your life, that you may feel a legacy to share with others? Are there any situations in your daily life where the words of the Gospel may need to be heard?


God, please give us the willingness to remain open to You, the strength to share Your Word, and the tenderness to shine Your Light on others just as the love of Christ has shone on us all.


Copyright 2016 Liz O’Connor

A woman striving to keep faith alive in the day to day and long-range life challenges that God gifts me with. I’m employed full time, have a strong dedication to the Eucharist, am seeking a new career in writing, and enjoy riding my bike and going to the beach.


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