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Patty Kohler, CEO of JR Custom Metals Products, runs a family business specializing in custom manufacturing and metal fabrication. Patty summarized integrating her faith with her business with these three words – faith, love, and trust.

To build on what Patty said, here’s how I see incorporating the virtues of  faith, love, and trust in your thriving Christian business enterprise:


When you have a faith in a religion with an actual set of beliefs, it gives you a framework on how to look at the world. As Christians, we are on a pilgrimage to spend eternity with Our Father and the Saints, and are commissioned to bring as many people as possible with us. Inside of the bigger charter, God’s given each of us a unique role in salvation that is tied to our personal mission both at work and home. When as a Christian business owner, you understand and embrace this concept and your personal mission, it gives you supernatural drive and grace to fulfill it.  For Christian entrepreneurialism can be our vehicle for holiness and evangelization.


God is love.  The more we know God, the more we experience his love. God’s  divine love naturally overflows into all of our relationships, including relationships with colleagues, vendors, customers, employees, etc. Patty described what seems to be integrity on how she loves and treats with respect everyone she encounters in her business activities. It is particularly pleasing when a person of power, like a CEO, used that power for good and to model the way God wants us to treat each other.


Most entrepreneurs relate to the risk and vulnerability they are taking to get the revenue, the clients, the contracts, the resources needed to pull off a successful enterprise. As a Christian business owner on fire, you can can see this vulnerability as the total dependence on God for everything. You can recognize that God closes certain doors and open others. The successful Christian biz owner learns how to take decisive action and ultimately leave the results up to God.

Someone like Patty who  is living an integrated faith has the ability to synthesize such a complex topic into such beautiful virtues. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Christian Biz Owners on Fire Biz and Life Tip:  Consciously make life and business decisions from the framework of FAITH, LOVE, and TRUST on a daily basis and you will be ahead of 95% of the pack as an integrated Christian business owners.

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