Daily Gospel Reflection for October 5, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 11, 1-4

The Lord’s Prayer is probably the most recognized Christian prayer. But have you ever stopped to just focus on the first words of this prayer? Jesus calls God his Father, and through our baptism we are called to be adopted children of God.

Being God’s adopted daughter brought on a deeper meaning to me as my husband and I adopted a son this past July. Knowing how much I love my son, I can only imagine how much more God, my heavenly Father loves me.

The adoption of our son was a process that included not only paperwork, home studies and discernment, but happiness, uncertainty, fear and joy. But most of all patience and trust. We waited not only for God to call us to adoption, but to be matched with an expectant mother and to trust that God’s will would be fulfilled.

In the same way, God has unending patience with us. He waits for us to turn to him in our times of happiness, uncertainty, fear and joy even if we sometimes have times when trusting in His will is hard.
Let us never be afraid to turn to our heavenly Father, who loves us beyond all telling.


What situations in your life cause you to pray specifically to God the Father?


Loving Father, help us to trust you, even when it is difficult. Help us to realize your tender loving care for us always.


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Lisa DeLara holds a Masters of Art in Pastoral Ministry. She is originally from Canada and worked for over a decade in youth and pastoral ministy. She met her husband Jim on CatholicMatch.com, and moved to Minnesota in 2012. She is currently a stay at home mom to her son Nathaniel. whom Lisa and Jim adopted in July. You can follow Lisa and Jim’s adoption journey on her blog Bringing Home Baby DeLara.


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