Daily Gospel Reflection for October 9, 2016 - Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 17, 11-19 – Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

On His way to Jerusalem, to humiliation and death, Jesus saw the ten lepers. They saw Him and cried out for mercy. Mercy: that which alleviates suffering. To show mercy means to share the suffering.

Jesus did show mercy. With His word He healed all ten, commanding them to, “Show yourselves to the priests,” in other words, “Remain in the law.” Because of faith, all ten went away as commanded, to show themselves to the priests, believing in Jesus’ word, knowing they would be healed.

The only one who returned to give thanks was the Samaritan. All ten lepers were outcasts, united in their disease, but the Samaritan would have been considered the worst of the bunch because he wasn’t a Jew. Then Jesus asked questions He didn’t need answered, “Weren’t there ten? Where are the rest?”

I wonder why Luke so clearly illustrates this story. For whom does he tell this lesson? For the Jews? For the outcasts? For us?

At times I am like the Jews in the story, judging others instead of loving them. I have been the outcast, aware of my need for healing. Either way I am grateful for God’s mercy with me. Gratitude is shown in relationship. St. Therese writes of 5 things we need to be in relationship with Jesus: Humility, Trust, Living in the moment, Love and Gratitude. The Samaritan exemplifies all of these by asking, believing, praising and thanking our Lord. May we always humbly seek God’s healing touch and never fail to recognize His Mercy in our lives.


Can you think of a time in your life when God showed you His Divine Mercy? Did you take the time to show Him gratitude? If not, do it now.


O Lord, please transform me into an intimate relationship with You, through living in a state of gratitude. Like the Samaritan, I kneel at Your feet, praising and thank You for all You do in my life, and I await Your mercy to raise me up.


Copyright 2016 Robin Zahm

Married to a fantastic man for 30 years, I am the mother of 3 grown children and grandmother of one wonderful granddaughter. During the school year, I am a Curriculum Technology Coach in a public school outside Buffalo, NY. I am truly grateful for all the mercy God continues to provide and the gift of noticing His hand in my life.


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