Daily Gospel Reflection for October 13, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 11, 47-54

When I read Jesus’ words rebuking the lawyers, my first reaction is to feel righteous. He sure told them! But when I stop and think about it more, I realize that He’s talking to me too. He’s warning me. The ancestors of the leaders of Jerusalem killed the prophets of God. Jesus tells the leaders they are still complicit in these crimes. They react with hostility and plotting.

When I must be corrected, or hear a message that I don’t want to accept, don’t I react the same way? “Oh, that priest doesn’t know what he’s talking about. God wouldn’t really want me to do that, or to stop doing this. How can they tell me what to do? I’m not wrong!” I resist the message by disparaging or shutting my ears to the messenger.

But God in His goodness and unending mercy keeps trying. His people killed the prophets He sent. Yet He still sent Jesus to them. I reject the messengers and prophets He sends me. Yet He still sends me Jesus. He is there in the confessional, in the Eucharist. He is full of love for me. Love is the key. Only the humble of heart can truly possess this key. Today’s reading is a reminder to me. Is my heart filled with love, or with pride? Am I ready to follow Him, or to condemn?


Is my heart filled with love, or with pride? Am I open to hearing the Gospel message from others?


Lord, open my heart. Fill it with your love and mercy. Help me to acknowledge my dependence on you. Help me to always be open to hearing your Word.


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Maxine is a Catholic wife and homeschooling mom of four. In her spare time she loves to read, garden, craft, and peruse Pinterest.


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