Daily Gospel Reflection for October 15, 2016 - St. Teresa of Jesus


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 12, 8-12 – St. Teresa of Jesus

St. Teresa of Avila lived a long life, and one filled with adventure. But that adventurous spirit also came with a price. As she traveled around her native Spain opening convents devoted to simple living and prayer, she consistently faced persecution from the status quo, including several run-ins with the Inquisition. The establishment felt that her call for simplicity in praying to Jesus was more of a temptation from the Devil than inspiration from the Divine.

Yet, Theresa persisted in her work and, consequently, had a profound influence on both those of her time and on us today. Surely, she took to heart Jesus’s teaching in Luke on how to remain courageous under persecution — that to continue to acknowledge your love of Him even when others disagree with you is the greatest recognition of the Holy Spirit one can muster.

As I enter into the final month of my first pregnancy, my excitement about the arrival of my twin boys grows along with my trepidation about my ability to handle this whole motherhood thing. How will I manage two babies at once? What do I do when something goes wrong? What if loved ones and well-wishers give me advice that I don’t want to take or don’t agree with? I imagine that what I can do when faced with these fears is to follow St. Theresa’s example and listen to my heart. If I keep Jesus and the Holy Spirit at the center of my life, then, as Theresa believed, everything else will take care of itself.


In what areas of your life do you need to release control and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you what to do?


Jesus, it isn’t always easy to let go of control and wait for you and the Holy Spirit to show me the way. Please help me to slow down and hear in my heart your quiet wisdom and guidance.


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Kate Houston is a voracious reader, dog-lover, and teacher in St. Augustine, Florida. A new mom, she spends her days wrestling twin boys, following around geriatric dogs who need to go out RIGHT NOW, and sipping a glass of wine or two.


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