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biblezon_300x250I first heard about the Biblezon project approximately a year ago at a Catholic conference. I will admit that my interest was piqued immediately: a tablet that would provide a “one stop” experience for Catholic apps, music, books, and more? When I learned that Biblezon also offers a tablet for expressly designed for children, I was even more intrigued.

Today, I am pleased to share my recent interview with Biblezon founder Mosongo Osong. Tomorrow, we’ll look at both of the tablet products offered by Biblezon, but today’s conversation focuses on what prompted Mosongo to create this innovative product and how his own family has used it in their home to grow in faith. Be sure to tune in again tomorrow to learn more about Biblezon tablets!

Q: Please briefly introduce yourself and your family to our readers.

My name is Mosongo Osong. I am a Catholic Entrepreneur, author, catechist and evangelist. I was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa but moved to the United states in 2003 to further my studies and reunite with my father. After a very reckless teenage life, I gave my life to Christ at age 20 but only became a devout Catholic 10 years later. I am married with four beautiful children. I attend St. Mark’s Parish in Plano, Texas were I also serve as a Knight, Eucharistic minister and a catechist. I am the Founder of the Biblezon Catholic Tablet and the Come to Mass initiative.


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Q: What is “Biblezon” and what inspired you to take on such a special but massive project?

Biblezon is a Catholic tablet that provides a secure, safe and holy environment for Catholic families to learn, live and practice their Catholic faith daily. It has over 50 Catholic apps and games including a Catholic marketplace to download more apps, books, videos and songs.

My story is one of faith, passion and love for my Catholic faith. As a practicing Catholic, I became frustrated with the many Catholic books that I had to carry with me every day just to practice my faith. I later on discovered an app that had almost everything in one place but there were too many distractions with the app from text messages, social media to phone calls. So I stopped using the app and went back to my books. The frustrations of carrying many Catholic books and distractions from using many mobile apps led me to start looking for a way to put together all my Catholic prayer books in one place without distractions and the idea of a Catholic only tablet was born. So definitely my faith inspired me to create Biblezon.

Image courtesy of Biblezon, used with permission

Image courtesy of Biblezon, used with permission

Q: Based on your own family’s experiences, why is a product like Biblezon so important for today’s Catholic families? Why can’t we just make due with Catholic apps on our smartphones and tablets?

Last year, my cousin found her 9 year old daughter watching porn on youtube…obviously not intentional but it somehow popped up while she was searching for something else. A few weeks ago, a friend told me his 6 year old daughter had unintentionally clicked on a pornographic link on his Instagram page. Our kids are being misled by the world. We have to rely on our Catholic faith to give them a solid foundation.

Biblezon provides a safe, secure and holy environment for our kids to learn our Catholic faith. Many apps and tablets are not safe but with the Biblezon Catholic tablet, you don`t have to worry about what your child might see. It is 100% Catholic and safe.

My family and I use the Biblezon Tablet to learn and practice our Catholic faith daily. It has become our family prayer book and our kids love it.

Q: Tell us a bit about your family’s faith life. How do you overcome the struggles that every family faces such as busyness, kids who don’t want to cooperate, or your own periods of spiritual “dryness”. What practical suggestions can you share from your own family’s prayer life?

My family is just like any other regular family out there with its challenges. Busy work life, kids in school and soccer games on weekends, but we try our best to find time to practice our faith daily. Our kids really do not have a choice because it has become part of our family culture. We make sure that they use the daily activities app which is on the Biblezon Tablet…it provides daily readings, reflections, prayers, quiz of the day, faith topics and spiritual exercises. It only requires them to spend about 15 mins a day on the tablet and then we have a discussion at night and then we pray the Rosary.

Recently I introduced something new which has worked very well for our family. On Sunday evenings we have a discussion about the readings and the homily. This has made our children be very attentive at Mass. Statistics prove that when we do something consistently for 30 days, it becomes a habit and part of you. So our Catholic faith is part of our family culture just like having a meal.

Q: On the flip side, what “fails” have happened in your home in living out the faith and how have they helped you to understand the challenges faced by the families you’re trying to serve? How does being a “real family” help you to live out this mission you’re trying to serve in the Church?

Honestly, We have been blessed without many struggles in our faith live as a family. We pray daily and attend Mass every week. Not to brag, but we really love our faith and our kids are so much involved as well. They attend a Catholic school so that helps and I believe leading by example helps too

Q: What are your hopes for Biblezon?

My hope is that Biblezon becomes a Catholic household product.

Q: How can families learn more about your products and Biblezon?

We have a website which has more information about the tablet as well as customer reviews.

Q: Are there any additional thoughts or comments you would like to share with our readers?

I will just like to say that we have an amazing faith and many times we take it for granted. I was not always a devout Catholic. I was a reckless teenager but by God`s grace I came back to the faith. My Catholic faith saved me and I will never trade it for anything in the world. I encourage everyone to live and practice their faith daily. We have nothing to loose but everything to gain.

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