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On our Facebook page this week, Lisa Hendey shared some of Pope Francis’ remarks from his Wednesday audience this week. Pope Francis taught us more about why he loves meditating upon the Rosary when he said, ““May this simple Marian prayer show you, young people, the way to give life to God’s will in your lives; dear sick people, love this prayer because it brings consolation for the mind and the heart; and dear newly wedded spouses, may it represent a privileged moment of spiritual intimacy within your new family”. Read his remarks and tell us why YOU love praying the Rosary!

Tell us about your favorite Rosary!

I have some beautiful bead Rosaries, including one made by CatholicMom contributor Barbara Stein, who offers Rosaries and other religious jewelry in her Etsy shop. But the Rosary I keep in my pocket is one of two knotted-twine Rosaries, which are quite durable and don’t suffer any ill effects if they happen to go through the laundry in my pocket!

Both these Rosaries were made for me by friends, so that makes them precious to me. (Barbara Stein made the red one. It’s over 4 years old and still going strong!)

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  1. I never thought to keep a rosary in my pocket…even though I have a round metal “pocket rosary!” That’s a beautiful idea and may give me something tangible to hold as I pray for patience as my young children test my patience every day! I bought myself a rosary a year or so ago with white pearl like beads and a beautiful blue and white picture of Our Lady. It makes me happy to pray such a beautiful prayer with something that is so beautiful. Although I grew up going to church each Sunday with my parents, I never was introduced to the rosary. I even went to Catholic high school and college and never was taught to pray the rosary. I know I was told “to” pray the rosary, I had no idea all that meditations went along with it. Not until I was in my mid twenties when I was told to pray the rosary again, that I did some research and learned all about it. I wonder how many other people are in the same situation.

    • Those round finger rosaries make terrific pocket rosaries! I used one of those for that purpose until a friend of mine lost hers, and I gave mine to her to replace it.
      I don’t always get to pray a whole rosary on my pocket rosary, but noticing it in my pocket is a reminder to pray, and sometimes in the moment that’s a good thing!

  2. I love this question. I try not to bond with Rosaries, because I inevitably give them away. I have one tucked away in a special place that my parents bought and had blessed at the Vatican in 1975. I rarely take it outside my home, because I have a tendency to “share” (forever) my favorites. I even left one on top of a mountain in Rwanda.

  3. I have a large wooden set i inherited from my mum whom I lost in May of this year. It is very robust and I take ti to bed with me so if I fall asleep with it as it does not break and tha cat plays with it. I also have a green coomera marble se which I also heavily use. t We buried my mum with a large olive wood set she had purchased in Lourdes inthe mid 1960s and I think she used it a lot

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