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I love the Chime Travelers books, and hope to eventually collect them all! Did I mention these books are written for kids? I want to collect them all, and I’m a grownup! But my 3-year-old daughter has loved listening to these stories as well.

These books are full of adventure and surprise. Katie and Patrick are siblings who find themselves traveling back in time on occasion when they hear church bells chime.


In Lisa Hendey’s book The Mystery at Midnight, Katie chime-travels and meets Clare while visiting the Poor Clares on a school field trip.

The story winds through a turning point in Clare’s life, as she decides that she wants to serve Jesus and the poor no matter what the cost.

Clare’s zeal is contagious, and Katie soon finds herself wanting to imitate Clare’s decisions. Your children may want to imitate Clare, too, after reading this book!

I absolutely love when chapter books have pictures, as they are engaging for small children, and hold the attention of my 3-year-old. The Chime Travelers books are filled with adorable, fun illustrations!

Jen Bower is the illustrator, and she has a style all her own! I have enjoyed turning the pages to see what cute little scene is coming up next.

These books would surely be at home in any Catholic home. But they could also find a place on the shelf of any Christian home. And those are perhaps my favorite Catholic books – the ones that are truly universal and that invite everyone to discover the riches of the Christian Faith we hold in our hearts.

The Mystery at Midnight would make a wonderful gift for any child. It can be read aloud to small children. It can be read with a parent for those learning to read. Children can also read it themselves, of course. And adults will also delight in following along with these well-written gems!

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P.S.  God is merciful and He loves you!  Pass it on…

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  1. Kaitlyn, wow what a wonderful surprise to read your review! I have to share that while I was not initially excited by my publisher’s request for me to write about St. Clare’s life, this book has actually become one of my favorite Chime Travelers adventures! St. Clare is such an amazing role model for us in living lives as prayer warriors! I’m so glad that your family has enjoyed this book as much as I loved writing it!

  2. Well you did a great job bringing Clare to life as a beautiful, spunky, awesome girl! I’m sure the real St. Clare is just as awesome. Look forward to reading more Chime Travelers books in the future & finding out what Saint is coming next… 🙂

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